Greenhouse Shelter

Greenhouse Shelter provides that important safe refuge and support to help women and their children take those first brave steps to ending abuse. Greenhouse Shelter is one of the largest shelters in the city of Chicago. Open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, the shelter has 42 beds and operates at full capacity year round. The shelter provides core domestic violence services including: a 24-hour crisis phone line (hotline) and counseling services; safe refuge; safety planning; court advocacy; individual and group counseling for women and children; life skills development and referrals.

The shelter offers many unique and culturally-specific services-including the availability of multilingual services. Currently, 90% of staff speaks more than language with fluency in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian. It is one of only two shelters in Chicago that accepts mothers with teenage boys up to age 18.

A team of professionals work hand in hand with the residents to begin the healing process and create lives free from violence.


If it weren’t for Greenhouse I’m not sure if I would have survived and I fear to think what might have happened to my children.
— A Greenhouse Shelter resident.