Each day, in every Chicago neighborhood, rich and poor, within every racial, ethnic and cultural group, women and children are being victimized by domestic violence. Connections for Abused Women and their Children (CAWC) believes that all people have a right to violence-free lives. We believe that abusive acts are acts of power and control that the victim does not provoke, enjoy or deserve. We believe that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that victims of abuse can regain control of their lives through appropriate support services, information and referral to community services.

To help abused women and their children, our bilingual and culturally diverse staff provide help through a variety of programs and confidential services, free of charge.


Victims of domestic violence can receive:

  • Emergency shelter.
  • Individual and group counseling.
  • Life skills training in goal setting, budgeting and safety planning.
  • Housing, income, employment and educational information.
  • Legal advocacy including court orders and immigration.
  • Specialized services for children who have witnesses domestic violence to help break the cycle of violence in families.


My life has positively changed due to the contributions and support of CAWC. I am now stronger due to the information, advocacy and support I received. CAWC has given me and my children the opportunity to rebuild and start a new chapter in our lives. Thank you CAWC.
— Survivor of domestic violence.
Do you know what domestic violence looks like? Take a look at our video to find out

Do you know what domestic violence looks like? Take a look at our video to find out