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Children's Services

Counseling and guidance to break the cycles of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a direct physical threat to children, as well as a mental and emotional one. It can impact their ability to learn, harm their emotional maturity, damage relationships, and influence actions down the road. It is a poison that continues to harm people for years.

Connections for Abused Women and their Children provides individual and group counseling to child victims of domestic violence through comprehensive Children’s Services at its Greenhouse Shelter and Humboldt Park Outreach Program sites. The goal of all Children’s Services is to reduce the negative impact of domestic violence by addressing safety issues as well as emotional, psychological and behavioral consequences.

Did you know?

Children don’t have to be directly abused to be impacted by domestic violence. Witnessing the abuse of a parent is itself a form of trauma and abuse.


Individual and group domestic violence counseling sessions with trained professionals

CAWC provides individual and group counseling to survivors and children. Domestic violence survivors are at a high risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, or stress-related mental health conditions. Learning to cope with residual emotional pain and fears is essential to healing.

Counseling can help survivors move forward in their quest to heal from the abuse. Individual counseling provides a safe and confidential environment for survivors. Group counseling allows survivors to connect with others in a similar situation.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Both physical and emotional abuse can have deep psychological impacts that last for years without conseling. Not all scars are visible.

Court Advocacy

Protect yourself by knowing your rights. Our court advocates fight for you.

One aspect of domestic violence is a sense of hopelessness and a feeling that the system is stacked against you. It doesn’t have to be. We help survivors use the legal tools available to escape their abuser, establish their rights, and take back control of their lives.

Legal advocates assist domestic violence survivors with obtaining immediate and long-term legal protection. They provide education about the legal system, support during the legal processes, and extensive safety planning.

Did you know?

There are numberous ways to legally protect yourself, including filing for Emergency Protection Orders, Protection Orders, and Restraining Orders.

Education & Training

Training hospitals, schools, and more about how to spot and stop abuse

Everyone needs to be involved to help prevent domestic abuse. Too often, signs of abuse are overlooked because overworked healthcare and educational professionals aren’t trained in reading them. That can change.

CAWC provides education and training to healthcare and other community professionals. Training goals include increasing awareness about domestic violence and the resources available to support comprehensive service delivery to survivors and their children.

Please contact us for more information about scheduling an educational or training opportunity.

 Domestic Violence Awareness

The scope of domestic violence means we can all be first responders if we have the right education.

Police Relations

We work with the police to protect you and your rights

Police are on the front lines of domestic abuse, and can be great allies in prevention and in helping victims find safety. It is vital to our mission to work with the police in education, awareness, and in knowledge of our services. All forms of domestic violence and abuse are crimes. You can report and be protected from emotional, financial, and sexual abuse.

CAWC staff collaborate and work effectively with the police to protect the rights of domestic violence survivors and their children. This partnership between CAWC and law enforcement will lead to better services for survivors.

Did you know?

CAWC partners with the Chicago Police Department’s 14th District to provide a direct response for domestic violence victims. Through this program, victims of domestic violence in the 14th District have the option to be connected to trained advocates and linked to supportive services, including emergency shelter. 

Substance Abuse Treatment

A comprehensive treatment program

Haymarket Center is a comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment program and is one of the largest centers of its kind in the country. CAWC staff provide domestic violence education and core domestic violence services to Haymarket patients. 

Haymarket Center Information

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