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How To Help Children Who Have Witnessed Domestic Violence

Domestic violence doesn't just impact the individual who experiences it. For the estimated 3.3-10 million children who witness domestic violence every year, that trauma can result in serious long-term consequences. The potential effects of domestic violence on...

Who Is Most Affected by Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, and survivors of domestic violence encompass every gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. However, some groups experience domestic violence at higher rates than others. Studying these demographic trends can help...


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Save the Date: Sounds of Silence 2022

When: Thursday, October 21 , 6pm
Where: Morgan Manufacturing 

Sounds of Silence is CAWC’s premier fundraising and advocacy event. Each year we gather to celebrate the resilience of the survivors we serve and the incredible dedication of staff fighting every day to break the cycle of violence in our community.

Join us for drinks, dinner, and dancing at Morgan Manufacturing, a renovated historic building in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood  

Click here for tickets!

Survivor Stories

Breaking free and growing strong, together

Women from every walk of life can suffer from domestic violence. Together, we can all rise above.

“If it weren’t for Greenhouse I’m not sure if I would have survived and I fear to think what might have happened to my children.”

“Since coming here I have realized that the abuse is not my fault.”

“I really enjoyed participating in the domestic violence groups when I was at Haymarket. It helped me through my past trauma and understanding about abuse.”

“My life has positively changed due to the contributions and support of CAWC. I am now stronger due to the information, advocacy and support I received.”

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