Survivor Stories

It is empowering and healing for survivors to share their words and their stories.

Our stories are always true.

The survivors who come to CAWC are strong individuals. As hope resurfaces, the dark light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter every day.

We will regularly update this part of the website so you can read about courageous survivors and how CAWC helped them on their journey to lead a life that is free from abuse. This is a right that every person deserves. Some survivors allow us to use their name while others ask for anonymity and we then change their name. If you see an * next to a name, the name is a pseudonym. 

"Coming to CAWC for help was the best decision that I ever made."

Because of my CAWC counselor and the domestic violence survivors in my group, I found the courage to leave my abuser.

Read Megan’s Story

“If it weren’t for Greenhouse I’m not sure if I would have survived and I fear to think what might have happened to my children.”

I wanted to be the best mother I could be. I found the courage to leave my abuser for my children

Read Elisa’s Story

“I really enjoyed participating in the domestic violence groups when I was at Haymarket. It helped me through my past trauma and understanding about abuse.”

John found both safety and sobriety after receiving services from CAWC’s Domestic Violence Services at Haymarket Center.

Read John’s Story

“My life has positively changed due to the contributions and support of CAWC. I am now stronger due to the information, advocacy and support I received.”

I now know how to recognize a healthy relationship.

Read Sara’s Story

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