Direct Service Volunteering

Your time, talents, and commitment help us give domestic violence survivors and their children control over their lives.

Be Part of CAWC

Volunteering isn’t easy. It’s just important.

Be part of our team. Work with our staff at our Humboldt Park Outreach Program and our Greenhouse Shelter to help victims of abuse and their children. You’ll provide services to victims of domestic violence and their children served through CAWC’s programs. You’ll provide assistance to residents, respond to hotline and other calls, and help with facility oversight.

You’ll do something that matters.

Volunteering Requires Education

Volunteering directly with survivors and their children requires some special understanding of the dynamics of family abuse. Our direct service volunteers are required to complete a 40-hour Domestic Violence Training program which we provide for volunteers making the initial minimum service commitment. CAWC generally offers this training two times per year (fall and spring). The sessions are usually held on weekday evenings and/or on Saturdays.

Volunteering Requires Time

We are asking for a genuine commitment to help us protect and empower adult and children victims of abuse. CAWC asks each direct service volunteer to make an initial commitment to provide four hours of service on a weekly basis for at least six months and a total of 100 -120 hours.

Learn More About What Motivates Us

We ask a lot from our volunteers. But we know everyone has it in them to build a better, safer community. If you want to know more about why your help is so vitally needed, please see the services we offer and learn more about what you can do.

Explore our domestic violence prevention services

Child care

Children in our care need special attention, and need to have their unique needs treated with compassion.


Abuse always has a mental health component. Help victims get through the trauma of abuse.


We need people on the side of victims of abuse and their children in court. Our best allies carry briefs.


Education and training is key to empowering women and men to know how to leave and understand their rights.

Addiction Counselors

Some domestic violence survivors avoid help due to substance problems. We’ll keep them safe while treating their addictions.

Community Activists

With community involvement, we can change laws and change the culture of violence.

The impact of our volunteers

Thanks to people like you, we’ve helped adults and children take back control of their lives.

nights of safe refuge provided at Greenhouse Shelter and the Emergency Hotel Shelter Program in 2022

children received individual or group counseling or other supportive services in 2022

See More Ways to Help

Not everyone has the time to volunteer. But there are ways for everyone to help. See what you can do.

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