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As a national leader on domestic violence issues, CAWC’s Executive Director, Stephanie Love-Patterson, is often contacted by news organizations to share her thoughts. Her opinions are highly valued especially when domestic violence is in the news.

Below is part of Love-Patterson’s interview with Chicago Tribune writer Kate Thayer about the impact of the government shutdown on domestic violence.

Stephanie Love-Patterson, executive director of Connections for Abused Women and their Children, said her organization, which runs a shelter, is able to tap into reserves should the shutdown continue. “Victims of domestic violence shouldn’t suffer just because our government doesn’t want to play nice in the sandbox.”

But even the fact that Congress didn’t swiftly reauthorize VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) troubles Love-Patterson. “It says a lot about society’s views on the protections of (victims).”

“It says something about the priority of the government when it comes to safety of victims of domestic violence,” she added. “We find ourselves in a constant battle, either to maintain funding or to try to increase it.”